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Off Grid Tools Fishing & Hunting Mini - Pocket Survival Fishing Kit

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The Off Grid Tools Pocket Survival Fishing Kit is a compact kit will provide all the essentials you need in a pinch to make you next meal.

Kit includes:

  • 100 yds. 8-lb Test Line
  • 20' 50-lb Test Line
  • 1.5" Foam Float
  • 10 Weights
  • 15 Hooks
  • 2 Jig Heads
  • 5 Swivels
  • 2 Artificial Lures
  • 2 Artificial Grubs
  • 5 Salmon Eggs
  • 1 Folding Multi-Tool
  • Resealable Waterproof Bag
  • Kit Size:  3.75" x 1" x 6.75"
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