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Shipping Policies


Shipping damage happens. While our packaging is designed to keep your gear safe on its journey to you, occasionally, there’s an accident - a forklift mishap, or a pallet tipped, or a delivery driver having a bad day. If this happens to one of your packages, don’t worry, we’ll make it right.

Please contact us immediately.

If the damage is bad and it is obvious the products inside the package are damaged, DO NOT SIGN for the item and REFUSE THE DELIVERY. If you sign, the package is yours and you've accepted it as is. If you notice there is damage to the shipping container but are not sure if the products inside are ok, you can still refuse the package, or sign for the package and MAKE NOTE OF THE PACKAGING DAMAGE on the slip. Do NOT ACCEPT ANY DELIVERY without WRITING DOWN THE DETAILS OF THE DAMAGE on the delivery form first! Shipping companies will not satisfy an insurance claim without the damage noted by the customer.

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